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加 藤 美 瑠

My name is Mirkka, I am 25 years old, and I'm from Finland.

I have a son, Leo, who was born on July 21, 2012. I write a whole lot about him in my livejournal. Just a heads up because I know that it's an uninteresting or even downright unpleasant subject to some people, so you know what you're getting into if you friend me. :)

I love languages. I speak three fluently; Finnish, English, and Japanese. I understand Swedish to some point, and would like to refresh my memory when I'm less busy.

Feel free to add me if you think we'd get along, but please do leave a comment when you do. ♡

Countries I've visited: Japan (travelled 4 times & lived for 4,5 months), Germany, Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Italy, South Korea... to be continued.

❤❤❤: languages, traveling, coffee, healthy food, good grammar, writing, learning, reading, cafés, exploring, getting lost, gadgets, videogames, natural food, open-mindedness, music, cute things, photography, concerts, straightforwardness

✗✗✗: close-mindedness, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, many other -isms, liars, abusers, animal cruelty, cheaters, bad grammar, rudeness, vulgarity, smoking, willful ignorance, cold interiors, overprocessed food, additives, artificial sweeteners


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